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Aged 14-18? Get a taste of everything Kuehne+Nagel and the Logistics industry has to offer on our two-week virtual work experience programme.
DEvelopment Opportunities

Find out how you could be the future of Logistics

We get it - you've probably never heard of Logistics before.

But maybe you've wondered how your mobile phone made its way to you, or thought about how tricky it must be to move around vaccines which have to be carefully chilled. The answer is Kuehne+Nagel - we're working quietly behind the scenes; moving things across the world.

And now's your chance to find out more about Kuehne+Nagel on our two-week virtual work experience programme.

This programme will introduce you to Kuehne+Nagel and the logistics industry as a whole.

From Freight Forwarding to Integrated Logistics, to Finance and environmental impact, you’ll learn about different business areas, complete activities and quizzes, attend live webinars with our team, and get career ready with our employability tips.

If you complete the full programme, you’ll receive a certificate.

Development opportuntities

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Corporate social responsibility

Kuehne+Nagel maintains the highest quality, safety & health, environment, security standards. Find out more about our commitment to the environment. ​​​​​​


Development opportunities

We believe that the best way to support your success is to provide you the encouragement and the tools you need to drive your own career.  


Diversity and inclusion

Read about our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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