Students and Graduates

From day one you’ll be immersed in the business operations of logistics and with responsibility for your own deliverables. We’ll support you along the way and if you’re ambitious and work hard the opportunities are endless.
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We don't just ship cargo

As one of the globally leading companies in the logistics industry, Kuehne+Nagel is familiar with worldwide shipments: whether it is for major international events or popular sporting events. We ensure that the necessary equipment is on time in the field. How do we do that? By ship, plane or one of our trucks - we always choose the fastest route for our customers.



The Internship programs provide opportunities for young talents to gain work experience where they are challenged to handle real problems and develop a variety of skills. This experience will facilitate your ability to adapt when joining the workforce in the future.   



​​​​​​Our Graduate  Programs prepare professionals for management positions in a challenging and complex business context. You experience our values, culture and strategy in a dynamic environment, getting hands-on experience through activities and projects.​​​​​

study and work

Study and work 

​​​​​​​The dual vocational system is based on the German system and unites theory in the classroom with rotational practice in a multinational work environment. It offers young people, who have already finished high school, the option of courses in the area of management.

The best start to take off

As a trainee at Kuehne+Nagel, you will get to know management, you will have responsibility on projects and we support you through trainings and mentor support. We have national and regional programs. Check locally to find out more about the opportunities. 

Students and graduates ready for take off

What our employees say 

My contribution to the success of Kuehne+Nagel makes me proud. It is great that I am already so important as a trainee.

Testimonial Dennis
Trainee Seafreight

What our employees say

I started as a working student two years ago, today I am participating the trainee program in Human Resources. Really great the company noticed my skills and offered me this opportunity to develop my careers.''

Testimonial LEnnart
Trainee Human Resources

What our employees say

I am proud to be part of a company that cares about the well-being and development of its employees, encourages innovation and always keep its focus on the quality of service and customer satisfaction.''

Testimonial Anna
Trainee Graduate Job Rotation

From trainee to manager

One of our employees is Anish, he started off as a trainee in a job rotation program. After the traineeship program he was selected to join the Airfreight Team and grew with the company, assuming increasingly important positions. In 2017 he became Regional Head Airfreight for North and East India.

A career in logistics takes you places

Our graduate programs and our trainees help shape the future of our organisation and drive our business strategy forward.