Information technology

Information Technology

We lead the logistics industry in digital transformation. The skills and expertise
across our IT teams brings that bold statement to life every day as we work to
​​​​​​​be the premiere data-driven value chain provider.

Information technology at Kuehne+Nagel

2,000 IT professionals across the globe are hard at work creating seamless data exchange systems in support of our customers and suppliers. We explore Blockchain technology to drive automation that allows us to lead the digital transformation in our industry, moving us closer toward our goal of becoming a fully technology-enabled and data-driven value chain provider. 

Leading the transformation


2,000 IT experts worldwide

Contribute to become a fully data-driven value chain provider.


900 software

Create the backbone of our logistics business. 


3 ​​​​innovation

​​​​​​​Accelerate digital transformation.


10,000 ​​​​​​​data transactions per minute

Move through our systems worldwide.



As an IT specialist you will work with the latest technology trends. Our current projects focus on recent technologies and trends like:

  • Blockchain

  • Big Data

  • OpenShift

  • Mobile Application development


How to move 2.5 million lines of code

​​​​​​​Imagine moving the whole population of a city larger than Paris overnight, without interrupting the people’s routines. Impossible? Not for our developers. To configure our operating system they moved 2.5 million lines of code overnight from SVN to Git, and replaced the whole Jenkins infrastructure.

Backbone of the organisation

Our IT programs are the backbone of Kuehne+Nagel, and products of both IT and Business Units working together collaboratively. Explore KN FreightNet and myKN.

KN FreightNet

Imagine a shop where you can purchase goods and manage their transport. That's our e-commerce platfrom KN FreightNet. In total we have 50 people working actively in this system who follow the agile methodology. Get to know about the product.


No more different system acces points and different passwords, just one single point of access for our customers: "myKN" allows to explore, quote, book and track as well as managing shipments entirely online in a comprehensive self-service portal.

Finance Controlling

Meet our IT colleagues

My team of 14 people was welcoming me back after 6 months of maternity leave in such a great way. I really like the team spirit at Kuehne+Nagel.

Senior Manager Information Management + Portal Solutions

Meet our IT colleagues

Competitive advantage in logistics of the future will more and more be a real deep merge of Business knowledge and Technology knowledge. Technology as entrepreneurship activity rather than pure service activity is the future of Kuehne+Nagel. I am thrilled to make it happen.

Head of Application Development

Meet our IT colleagues

At Kuehne+Nagel our development teams have the freedom to shape their own way of working. This enables us to try new approaches like Mob-Programming.

System Analyst Online Services

Working together
​​​​​​​with the client in mind

As an IT specialist you will contribute to the development and upkeep of critical IT program by working collaboratively with businesses and colleagues all around the globe.